Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Abbott Laboratories Releases New Crohns Educational DVD!

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to give CCFC and all the gutsies out there an update: Abbott Labs has made a fantastic fantastic Crohns DVD - its educational, modern and features REAL individuals living with Crohns Disease and has inspirational stories - its truly amazing. Rob from weneedideas.com is featured in it as his story is absolutely inspiring... I want to climb mountains after this! This summer I helped out in the making of this DVD - it was super cool being in a film studio. I spoke about sexuality and relationships in relation to Crohns Disease (CD) and try to offer tips and support in this area to others living with Crohns. My GI specialist is also in there, Dr. Menon and he does a great job at explaining a lot of the topics relating to CD. The CCFC and IBD clinics/nurses will have a copy of this - so be sure to get your free copy soon!

Also this summer, some really great people from across Canada had the chance to get together to be a part of a Crohn's Advisory Board for Abbott to evaluate the DVD and suggest ways to enhance Crohns/IBD awareness. Elliot (CCFC's YAC Board member last year was on this team - I'm going to see if I can get him to write a bit about his experience at the Ad Board :) ). Its something really great - it's great to see how much is happening in regards to shedding a positive light on IBD - and it all starts with the right information and education - so be sure to check out the Crohns DVD and let others know about it too :)


P.s. I dont know if anyones interested. But at the Crohns DVD Launch (In Toronto) to the IBD nurses in the area, I spoke about my experience with Crohn's and how I think this DVD is really something great. I'd love to share it :)

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