Monday, October 17, 2011

Goals Completed

Hi Gutsy Generation,

I wanted to give an update on how those goals I set out for the year went: I rode 200km with my sister in the ride to conquer cancer... I donated 15  inches of my hair to make wigs for kids with cancer... I flew to Grande Cache Alberta to participate in the Canadian Death Race with my team of 2 guys and I was ready to complete my portion of it but I didnt have the chance: my team member didnt make the cut-off time, so my team was disqualified.... not to worry.... the experience was amazing and I got to dance to Glass Tiger live outside surrounded by the mountains. I saw a bear and its cub :) - that was pretty cool. We ventured to Lake Louise before flying home and I felt I made up for not completing my goal in the Death Race by climbing a 9800ft Mountain.... it was amazing. I was scared to death at some points because when we got half way up we were confronted with a Bear sign.... we had to have Bear spray... and although we didnt see a bear... it was an exhilarating feeling thinking that we could possibly run into one. It was also pretty amazing using my hiking poles and at the top of the mountain, looking down at the little itty-bitty lake louise below us. I am so grateful for the health I have today and this experience I was able to do.

Goals are great, and without them I wouldnt have been motivated to push the limits... or strive to experience life more fully.


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