Tuesday, October 18, 2011

for the love of congress!

Home from another very inspiring congress!!!

I spent this past weekend in Toronto for the CCFC National Congress and once again I was completely blown away by the amazing spirit and commitment of this amazing group of people!  For those who don’t know Congress is a big national conference where CCFC staff and a representative from each of the Chapters in Canada meet to go over the exciting things in store for the organization and contribute ideas to help develop our national efforts to raise funds and FIND the Cures!  It is a time to make connections and share big ideas; and that we certainly did!  From the CEO, COO, board members, founder, to volunteers, everyone plays an important role in the structure of the weekend and the collaboration that takes place.  As a member of the Youth Advisory Council I was so very fortunate to have the opportunity to attend this amazing 4 days.  The opportunity to spend time with Marilyn Finkelstein, the founder of the CCFC is something that I will never forget.  Her heartfelt personal story and complete dedication to finding a cure for Crohns disease and Ulcerative colitis is contagious and her amazing spirit and down to earth loving, caring, thoughtful personality makes her someone I will look up to and strive to be like in my life.  The opportunity to sit down and chat with the COO, CFO, award winning doctors and volunteers is truly an awe-inspiring experience.  Being surrounded by the many courageous, committed volunteers and staff at congress gives me the drive and confidence to continue this fight against a disease that not only hugely affects my life, but also that of so many that I care about so deeply. This inspirational weekend and the truly amazing things that are yet to come for the CCFC has lit another fire under me and driven me to push harder to find fun, and exciting ways to get youth involved in our mission and raise the funds we need to put an end to this crappy ( pardon my pun) disease forever! (My first celebrity moment when I was asked to sign my story in our book “Tales from the Throne” was kiiiinda cool too :) ) Although I love congress and I love the teamwork, friendship and excitement it creates, I can’t wait until the year when it no longer exists, because we have found the cures!  This year’s theme is to THINK BIG, and we at the gutsy generation would love to hear all of your amazing ideas and big thinking!  Please email us at thegutsygeneration@ccfc.ca with all of your BIG ideas!!  Together I know we can make a difference!

Shelby xox

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