Friday, October 28, 2011

40 KM

So it’s about time I fessed up to my latest endeavor: going to Peru. 

Say what? Yes, I am planning on going to Peru in March - but for a very specific reason: raising IBD awareness. Now you’re probably very confused and wondering what Peru and IBD have in common. I am joining a team of people who are climbing Machu Picchu to raise awareness about IBD - “changing attitude with altitude”. We’re going to be hiking 40 KM and I’m SUPER EXCITED. 

When I was in the hospital this past time, one day they did a scope and the anesthetic completely knocked me out and it wasn’t until around 9 PM that I felt more like myself again. It was my second wind, or really first wind, of the day, and with my renewed energy, I whipped up a blog of my own to explain about my March Peru trip.

It’s a massive goal, something I’ve never taken on before, and as much as it scares me - like, will I be well enough to go? Can I raise the money? - it excites me and I’m so passionate about it that I owe it to myself to try. I’ve never been out of the continent, but it seems like a wonderful excuse to traipse around the world to raise awareness about IBD. If there is a take-away message from my insanity, it’s that IBD shouldn’t get in the way of setting and achieving dreams - even though it does - but it shouldn’t get in the way of persisting. 

And as a side note, November is rounding the corner, which means awareness month! Be sure to sign up for our awareness event of changing your profile picture to Gutsy to get our message out there this month

Happy Friday everyone!


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