Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thank You Casey!

Ever since Casey Abrams auditioned in Texas with his melodica, he was my favourite American Idol contestant. I look forward to all of his performances and was so sad to hear that he was sick last Thursday on the results show. Speculation increased over the internet when information surfaced that he had a blood transfusion and “stomach problems”.

This afternoon he addressed his fans on twitter (I’m one of them): “Just to let every one know, I have ulcerative colitis. I'm always going to have it, but the symptoms are pretty much under control. :)”

I didn’t know it was possible that my favourite contestant could become EVEN MORE of a favourite. I have such a deep appreciation for Casey and what he is going through. I can’t imagine dealing with a diagnosis or relapse of UC and being in the public eye. I would like to thank Casey, and show him my support.

Casey: Thank you for being so open about your disease. I was diagnosed when I was 18 and hid my disease from everyone. Thanks to your honesty, maybe other youth who are newly diagnosed will feel comfortable discussing their disease with their friends and family and receive the accompanying support they deserve. Also, thanks to you, more people in the world will become aware of IBD. I look forward to the day we can all tweet “Just to let every one know, I USED to have ulcerative colitis. Thanks to research, we found the cure!”

I’m so happy Casey is able to perform on tonight’s show. I wish Casey Abrams the best of luck in his American Idol journey. If I was in America, I would be voting for him like crazy. Since I’m not, I will continue to cheer him on every week from Canada.


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