Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sunshine and Rainbows :)

Hey Everyone,

You may be in great health right now, or you may not. But in any case it's really amazing how the sun can brighten up your day - pardon the pun :P . Its amazing how much energy you can receive just from a few minutes of sun rays on your face. Where I am in Toronto there have been a lot of cloudy, cold, and rainy days here and it was really starting to weigh down not only on my mood but also the people around me - even the waitress from this weekend's night out commented on the lack of sun and how lethargic it was making her feel!

Today I woke up feeling under the weather: a little irritable, and just feeling 'blah'. I ate my breakfast and needed to get out of the house - so I went for a short walk, not expecting to get really anything out of it at all - and I came back incredibly refreshed! I blame it on the sun. I walked through the little forest nearby, enjoying the nature around me, the sun shining down, the crisp atmosphere (not too cool though - its starting to warm up :) ) and the creek rustling by. I took a moment to sit on the park bench and just take it all in.... (I also thought: when was the last time that I actually sat down to LOOK around and take in nature? I think it was well before University :P ) ... a few minutes of sun on my face lifted my spirits beyond measure! Needless to say, I had a little 'pep' in my step walking home, and the rest of my day was enjoyable :)

Happy at the thought of spring around the corner!
Wishing sunny rays to everyone across Canada! On those days when there isnt much sun, don't forget to get your adequate amounts of Vitamin D! Be sure to talk to your gastroenterologist or family doctor about what amount is best for you!


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