Thursday, March 31, 2011

NEW Inspiring Story: Kaella Carr!

Thank you Kaella for your response to my last blog - this means alot to me and it gives me much hope (and many other IBDers). Thank you for letting me share this - Keep up the great work :) . Getting your response makes me feel so grateful that we can come together and help each other. I remember when I was a kid, I didn't know anyone with IBD and I felt very alone going through life with the challenges of Crohn's. Thank you from the bottom of my heart,



Kaella's Inspiring Story:

I don't consider myself a Crohn's success story but I do feel lucky each and every day. My last Crohn's-related surgery (a bowel resection) was over five years ago. My last "major" flareup, over four years ago. Sure, I've had bad days and bathroom emergencies, but I'm officially at my "Crohn's" best. I was diagnosed in February 2004. Like so many others, my diagnosis took time. In three weeks I lost 50 pounds. For months, I couldn't eat or sleep and was, at times, scared and depressed. My story has been told many times on CCFC blogs and as the first Gutsy Generation "Gut of the Month" so I won't go in to it too much. What I will tell you, is everyone is different. There were moments when I thought I would never get better. My weekly doctors appointments and hospital visits, and dozens of pills, were exhausting. It didn't help that I was constantly hearing "you're always sick" from people. This year I will be 28 years old. I am getting married in the fall and I couldn't be more excited. Everyday I say a quick thank you for my health. I didn't take a magic "get better" pill (although, I probably would consider it, if such thing existed.) What I believe has worked for ME and kept ME healthy is my lifestyle. I'm a very positive person. I eat extremely well (most of the time) and exercise, a lot. I began working out everyday (for a minimum thirty minutes) last summer. Three months later, I was able to go off my Crohn's medication completely. I can't tell you my success story will work for anyone else. In fact, I'm confident it won't as I believe everyone, and every "body" is different. I also am not nieve. I know my IBD could flare up again, anyday. I know that I could get sick before our wedding, on our wedding day, or overseas during our honeymoon. For me, I do the only thing I can. I stay positive and I live my life. I don't like worrying, because as we IBD'ers know, worrying leads to stress, which leads to flare-ups. Again, everyone is different but I just want you reading this to know that there will be a day when you feel like the best version of yourself. It may last years or it may just last a few days. My advice is to appreciate it. People take their health for granted and I never want to be like that. I am thankful everyday that I'm able to keep working in my dream job, feel well enough to do the things I love, and that I will soon marry the man of my dreams. My next goal is to have a family. Although, Crohn's and ulcerative colitis run in my family, I won't worry about passing on the disease until that time comes. As someone who has a disease that can affect, literally, every aspect of my life I know what many of you are going through. I was there. I may be there again one day. Please, keep you head up. I can't wait to hear YOUR IBD success story. Kaella

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