Sunday, December 12, 2010

Introducing: The Gutsy Generation 12 Days of Christmas!!!!!

Hi Gutsy Generation Superhero's!

Your Youth Advisory Council thought it would be a cool to count down the 12 days of Christmas - we begin tomorrow (or in 15 min, if you want to get technical :P ) and here is the basis of it:

Each day we will post on the blog and via facebook and twitter the themed activity for the day... so what could this themed activity be?! Well... you'll just have to wait and see! We're hoping we can all come together and get involved in these daily activities as we count down the days to Christmas - let's have fun with it, guys! Post and write your feedback on each activity! And if you have ideas - let us know too! Maybe we'll sneak it in between now and Christmas! This is open to everyone and most of these are 'Gutsy' themed ;)

Hope your Christmas shopping is going well, and you're taking time to begin to enjoy the holiday season.

Hugs from one individual living with IBD to another,

Ash :)

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