Friday, December 17, 2010

Home Sweet Somewhere

I am going home today.

Clarification: I am going home to Canada today.

I haven’t been home since mid summer when I left to come to Boston for surgery, this will be my first pilgrimage home with an ostomy. So much has changed in the last 18 weeks it doesn’t even seem possible.

College makes ‘home’ a dependent variable - is it the school year, or is it a break - because it depends. Really, I live in Boston, I live here most of the year. But I will always be from Nova Scotia - so the question begs to be asked, where is my home?

According to the saying, ‘home is where the heart is.’ But I don’t think that means where your heart belongs per say, I think it means where you are, where your heart is. If you are at home, or at peace, with yourself, then anywhere can be home.

If I can be so bold as to tweak the saying, ‘home is where the toilet is.’ A good bathroom can not be underestimated or undervalued, so as long as there’s a good toilet, almost anywhere can be home.

I am excited to do a million things at home. I haven’t seen my siblings in months, or my dog. I will be able to eat when I’m home, cook, visit people, start running, sleep in late, get my driver’s license. I will be able to live. That is remarkable, that is such a change.

Home sweet somewhere, here I come.



  1. I'm loving your life. Sounds like you are getting some joy, lasting joy, into your life. Although not on my list of things to do, who said surgery was a bad thing? Enjoy,

  2. I must say Jennie is amazing. A definite role model, someone to look up to. I wish I knew her when I was first diagnosed, because even though she doesn't know it, since we met in 2009 she has helped me in more then one way!