Wednesday, December 15, 2010

12 Days of Christmas. Day 4: Donate a food item to the poor!

Hey Gutsy Generation,

Already its day 4! Time is flying...only 9 more days until Christmas!

Todays challenge: Donate a food item to the poor!

This is a pretty easy one, there are so many ways to do it. Try something original, something out of the ordinary! It could be the way you donate it to what you donate! Let us know what you've done! :)

Enjoy the season!

Colleen Lynn

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  1. I did this :) :) :) We are actually having a food drive here at work, so I took $100 and I spent $30 at a dollar store getting cute baby items, washroom stuff, toiletries, etc (They said at work that these are in high demand this year) and then I took the other $70 and went to our grocery store and bought A LOT of pasta, tomatoe sauce (these are in high demand this year), baby food, baby wipes, baby diapers, nice canned soups, toothpaste, soap, body wash, conditioner and shampoo!!!!!