Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Guest Post: Taylor's Story #4

Sometimes I feel like I am stumbling through my life. Unsure of where I’ve been and what it means, unsure of where I am, and unsure of where I am going – just stumbling from day to day. And for a while the idea of stumbling scared me. I am the girl with a plan. I own an annoyingly organized colour coordinated wall calendar that goes perfectly with my annoyingly organized colour coordinated day planner – I am not the girl who stumbles and falls. Or am I? 

I can with no doubt blame my obsessive need to plan on IBD – when my body started to spin out of control, I compensated by trying to tightly control my life. Within the last couple of months, I have been trying to live more spontaneously. Trying to let go of my obsessive need for my colour coordinated day planner and relaxing my mind that always runs a mile a minute. I can’t lie to you all and tell you I have ditched my constant need to organize, clean, and plan but I have tried to open my eyes and go with the flow. I’ve loosened my grip on the reins of my life and have taken the time to enjoy the little things we often forget about in the blur of everyday and this has made me profoundly content. 

So right now in this moment, I’ll say this: don’t worry if you’re stumbling because tripping over your feet is inevitable and controlling the fall is difficult. But while you stumble take the time to enjoy how beautiful life around you truly is. Even in the most difficult of times, the simple things can bring us the most joy. So appreciate the moments that bring a smile to your face, whether it’s finding a pull through spot in a packed parking lot, watching a baby giggle in their sleep, laughing till you cry, crying till you laugh, falling in love, finding your favorite movie randomly on TV, or enjoying the cool refreshing flip side of your pillow at 2am.

These, and many other small moments in time have the ability to scrunch your cheeks up in the most inviting and pleasant way humanly possible.

Life is tough, but it can be beautiful. So, even if your feet are planted securely on the ground, or you are like me and still stumbling about, remember to keep your head up, your eyes open and try and always find a reason to smile.

- Taylor

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