Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mexico and IBD

There are times when I wonder how seriously my disease has taken hold of my life. After my recent trip to Mexico this week I am now completely sure that it affects my life. Not in the biggest way that I can think of but in little ways.

For example, Mexico is infamous for its tequila – and after just a bit too many drinks the usual symptoms develop. Constant trips to the bathroom (not to throw up – most of the time) and losing 2 pounds in water weight. I then remembered why I avoided getting very drunk all these years. For me at least it takes two to three days to recover from a blow like that and thankfully I thought ahead!

Before leaving Canada I thought, “What if the food doesn’t agree with me in Mexico?” So I packed some bottles of Ensure. Consequently I thought, “If the food doesn’t agree with me and the toilet paper is below par I will then bring my own toilet paper.” Well as you can tell the food agreed with me, but too many drinks didn’t. And I am super glad that I packed the extra ‘necessities!’

I loved Mexico, its culture and its food and I hope that next time I can remember that too many drinks will affect my trip – so I will keep them to a minimum and still have fun no matter what.

Food for thought - Another example of how this disease has affected me is that I’ve been thinking about how not-ecofriendly we IBD people are. We buy top of the shelf toilet paper, use a whole wad and flush it down the drain then, in 1 hour or less we do it all over again. No matter how you spell it bedaai or beday I would sure like to try one.

- Danielle, Edmonton Youth Advisory Council

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