Monday, October 25, 2010

Support is Awesome!

When friends, or even just people you meet for the first time, understand what you're going through this is an awesome feeling. Or for me it is. 2 weekends ago I attended the CCFC Congress weekend and got to meet this year's amazing Youth Advisory Council - girl power! I've just started Humira not too long ago and i've been feeling some side effects - mainly really bad headaches. At the YAC meetings I wasn't all completely 'there'. My headaches made me feel spaced out and dizzy. What was really great was as soon as I mentioned this, everyone knew and I felt they all understood (all the YAC girls, anyways) and they were really sweet to go out of their way to make sure I was feeling ok, one even gave me Tylenol (I should keep this in my purse :P ).

I know this probably sounds like something small, and maybe we expect this from everyone, but when you've experienced what it feels like when people don't understand, and still aren't sure if they can 'catch' IBD, you really appreciate the people that do. And I'm so grateful for that. Just getting started on Humira has been an incredibly scary time for me... but it's made it easier having friends and family that truly understand what you go through with IBD and know how to be there for you. It's great to really harvest those relationships with the people that understand, and tell them how much they mean to you (YAC... you mean alot to me :) ). Friendship and support like this is worth more than gold... to me anyways :P


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