Monday, October 18, 2010


We talk about it all a lot, we make jokes about it, we all have this in common. This past weekend 10 youth across Canada were chosen to go to congress – to represent the youth. This is my second year on the council and I was still nervous about meeting the first years. One thing I find amazing when I meet new people is when you find that one thing in common with them – everything is smooth sailing. Of course, finding that one aspect that was similar was simple – we are all women, in the same age group, who have either Crohn’s or colitis. Needless to say we got along all honkey dorey.

Four days is all we had – but even though it was short there was the sense of community, that at least one person has gone through the same experiences with these diseases. I know that when I was growing up with my disease – all I wanted was someone my own age to talk to, sometimes you just can’t ask your parents, doctor or your friends. They try to be supportive – but it’s not the same.

I suggest that if you would like to meet youth affected by IBD in your community contact your local CCFC chapter and start or join a youth council! The sense of partnership is truly amazing.

Edmonton YAC Rep

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