Thursday, October 21, 2010

In a Perfect World

I have a really good friend who, whenever I am angry, sad or confused, asks a really great question. He’ll say “Lesley, in a perfect world, what happens next?”. It’s so great because it allows me to get to the base of my problem, or at least, what I want to be the solution. My answer could be anything from “I would get an instant apology” to “Everyone would forget about this and we’ll go on as things were”. Answering that question brings clarity and peace to my mind, and I almost always feel better after. Almost. Sometimes my answer to that question is “I no longer have colitis”.

In my perfect world, I would be a healthy, colitis free individual. Unfortunately, my perfect world is just not an achievable place. Yet. I say yet because I know there will be a cure soon. There are many organizations (like the CCFC), medical teams, research projects (such as the GEM project) and even major units (think McMaster) trying their hardest to find a cure. For now though, I will have to wait for my perfect world.

So , with Crohn’s and Colitis month approaching, I’m asking everyone to remember all of us who can’t quite have our perfect world. Cross your fingers for us, spread the word, all with hopes that a cure will soon be found. And hopefully then all those suffering with an IBD may finally have their perfect world.


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