Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Food For Thought

The CCFC calendar is broken down into several 'seasons' if you will - the HnW season which we just (very successfully) finished, the awareness season around November, then the big spring season with the M&M BBQ which then leads back into the HnW season.

And so - it's that time of year again, but not for the HnW or the BBQ. It's time to sit together with our families at the dinner table over some good food.

And how, might you ask, is this relevant to bowels and medications and the CCFC?

Good question. It's the 7th annual M&M National Family Dinner Night. And while there might not be a nicer night than being with your family over some M&M food of your choice, for each person who registers, M&M will donate $1.

It's a buck a bowel people, so let's get registering so we can get eating.


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