Wednesday, May 18, 2011

GutInspired - A Group of Canadians Living with IBD!!!

Hey gutsy generation!

I wanted to remind everyone that tomorrow is world IBD day!!!

I also wanted to introduce you to a great group of individuals living with IBD that have called themselves "GutInspired".

Here's more info on their group!!!!

Living Free with IBD

May 19, 2011 is the second annual World Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Day. On this
important occasion, we are proud to introduce you to Gut Inspired.

Gut Inspired is a group of Canadians living with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis
who have joined forces to increase the awareness of inflammatory bowel disease in
Canada, offer support for individuals living with IBD and provide personal experiences
to assist others living with IBD learn how to better manage their disease.

Gut Inspired has been developed by patients for patients, working together with
community partners to inform the public about IBD and reduce the stigma associated
with digestive disease. We openly share our challenges and personal experiences with
others to help individuals living with IBD do the same.

We encourage other individuals living with IBD to become informed patients and an
active member of their healthcare team. Gut Inspired believes that you can live free with
IBD, if you learn about the disease, educate yourself about treatments available to you
and ask your healthcare team informed questions.

In honor of this day, please help us spread the word and encourage others to share
their stories at:

Check out these cool videos:

Jodi is Gut Inspired:

Kevin is Gut Inspired

Enjoy Guys!

Happy World IBD Day this May 19th, 2011!!!

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