Tuesday, July 20, 2010

That Dreaded Question

I’m sitting here thinking that there is one question that makes me uneasy more than any other. It’s the dreaded “What is an IBD” line. Now, don’t’ get me wrong. I love educating people. I enjoy sharing my unspecialized knowledge with anyone that is interested. However, sometimes I really don’t’ know how to have that extremely awkward conversation. For example, imagine you start a new job and, completely out of your control, you have a 4 hour remicade appointment during your first week. You have to go to your manager and find a way to tell them so that they aren’t annoyed with you taking time off so soon, and also understand that this is a reoccurring event. Of course you start with the “I have an IBD “line and in return you may just get a blank stare. Crap. Now you have to explain this too? Of course, not all employers will want to get into the nitty gritty details of the workings of your bowels, but some genuinely care about their employees and will want to know what exactly causes you to be sick. And if they don’t’ know what Crohn’s or colitis are, you’re going to have to educate them. Double crap. Soo, do you start with the facts, “Well, I have to make frequent and urgent trips to the washroom” or do you tame it down and just say “I have stomach issues”? And what if your employer is computer savvy and just Wikipedias it, is that better or worse? How do you have the “I have an IBD” convo when you start a new relationship? No really, how on earth do you breach that subject with your new amour? Do you wait until you are in the battles of a flare up, do you mention it when you are popping all those pills you take, or do you casually drop the facts about crazy mood swings and moon face right before you start your high dose of prednisone? Sigh. I feel this is a never ending cycle. I started with one questions and now I have 10, and I still have to answer that stomach crunching question. What is an IBD? Well, you see… um… my colon is inflamed?


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