Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fancy Words + Dysfunctional Bowels = Gutsy Studying

Here is a disclaimer before you continue to read: I strongly dislike standardized test. Strongly. But I can diplomatically acknowledge their role in the admission process. As if the SATs weren’t annoying enough, here I go, trudging into the unchartered territory of the GREs and fancy words and algebra. Woo freaking hoo.

And so, in an effort to study and complain all in one, I’ve decided to write my own sentences using the crazy words the GRE wants me to know, but in a gutsy style of course. To anyone studying for the GREs along with me - I salute you and here are some ways to remember the following words:

Accretion [growth, increase by successive addition]: The accretion of my home pharmacy has taken several years and will likely continue until I will require a separate house just for meds.

Anodyne [soothing]: Having a heat pack when I’m sick is not only necessary, but I find the warmth has an anodyne effect on me.

Apogee [farthest or highest point]: When I was in Peru, it felt like I was at the apogee of the universe. 

Belie [to give a false impression of]: I am often frustrated that my exterior appearance belies the disease brewing inside of me.

Boor [a rude person]: People think do not understand IBD are such boors.

Capricious [changing one’s mind impulsively]: When I was on Prednisone, I wanted to eat everything and was capricious when it came to deciding what I wanted first.

Alas, I must continue to study - ah the things we do for graduate school! As you might have noticed, I’ve only worked through the A, B, C’s of the book so far, so don’t worry, I’ll be sure to share my words!


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