Thursday, June 21, 2012

Gutsy Goes Vlogging

Brace yourselves...

We've decided to join the 21st century. 

Our generation is often criticized that we're too attached to electronics and the internet. And while we're all for real human contact and enjoying the outdoors, we think that the internet is great for connecting and building communities with other IBDers. 

That said, all you've got to see (or rather read) of us are words we write and the occasional picture we post. But you don't know what we really look like or talk (sound like?) like and we think that's important too!

And so - deep breath - we have ventured into the world of vlogging and YouTube. Here are our two first videos with some introductions (we're so progressive, we even have a channel!). We can't wait to hear what you think about our new adventure into the world of technology, and we'd love to know about topics you want to hear about!

With love and (minimal) guts,
Jennie + Taylor

PS Don't judge the thumbnails... we're not tech-savvy enough to change them!

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