Monday, March 5, 2012

CCFC Education Symposium

Check out this year's CCFC Education Symposium  - for the first time EVER - we have a specialized stream for youth like you!
This interactive and fun session is geared for youth that have been diagnosed with IBD. We'll be chatting about how to deal with IBD and school, share some incredible inspirational stories, play "Are you Smarter than your I", and you'll learn tons of fun ways to get involved with the Gutsy Generation! Basically, there will be a lot of talking about poop - in a fun way!!
Check out the link above to register - it's only $8! 
Contact Tiffany Lagman, or 416 920 5035 ext. 215  if you have any questions, and pass this around to any others you know that would be interested in spending a morning networking and engaging with others affected with IBD.  Remember - it takes guts to talk about it - let's do it!!!

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