Friday, September 16, 2011

Are You Kidding?

Come Wednesday PM, I was sitting in my computer science class scanning over my notes when I realized it was happening again. Blockage time for Jennie. In the spirit of being an obedient GI patient, I waited out my blockage as long as possible and survived through the night, wanting to go to classes on Thursday. But 6:30 AM on Thursday had a different story - a ‘march yourself to the ER NOW’ kind of feel, and off I went.

Pain was worse, nausea was worse, I was upchucking on myself and felt like saying to everyone, Did you think I was kidding? Frequent blockage issues really mean frequent blockage issues. The absence of any decent veins with the combination of desperate need for pain and anti-nausea medication makes for a bad time.

This post entry is not long nor is it especially touchy - but here it what I hope it is: truthful. When I was waiting for my ileoscopy earlier today, I couldn’t help but burst into streams of tears running down my face; the pain, the frustration, the uncertainty, the aloneness - sometimes it’s all too much. 

I will be fine - as a good friend of mine recently pointed out, pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. And humor, well, I think that just might be a necessity.


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  1. Oh Jennie, hugs to you. You are an inspiring young woman, even in the throws of pain and frustration. I'm sorry these dumb blockages are taking so much of your life. UGH. Hang in there.