Thursday, July 14, 2011

Biker Chick

I don’t think I’ve ever aspired to be a biker chick.... until recently.

Although I’m convinced I would fall off the bike - whether or not I was riding or just hanging on for dear life - a recent CCFC event has made the prospect of the wind (and bugs) blowing in my hair a little more appealing.

Every July, the Halifax CCFC chapter supports the “Cruise for Crohn’s”, a motorcycle rally to raise funds and awareness for IBD and the CCFC. In stark comparison to the family-oriented HnW, “Cruise” is a true-blue motorcycle event. Anything stereotypically biker chic, you’ll see - the leather jackets, the bandanas, and even those boots. But these guys (“We’re XL” as one guy described the group) are serious about two things - 1) motorcycles 2) supporting the CCFC.

I was working selling the t-shirts, hats, and sweaters for the event. I’ve been dying for a t-shirt for the past couple of years, and finally bought one myself (My sister later dubbed it my ‘thug’ shirt as it has lightening bolts down the sleeves). The bikers swarmed the table and sold us out of all of our XL apparel, and were even quick to ask for Gutsy tattoos on their cheeks. It’s amazing to see so many intense motorcycles in one place, let alone so many intense motorcycles for a Crohn’s event.

I had to promise my parents that I wouldn’t ride off on the back of a bike. Promise kept, but who knows, with my “Cruise” shirt, maybe a motorcycle is in my future!


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