Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Year! Lets set some goals!

A new year has come and we're delving more and more into the future. Sounds pretty exciting to me. Its means new opportunities and relations to add to our lives.

Each year my sister and I always make a long list of 'goals' we'd like to achieve. This year, there's a bunch on my plate, and although I don't know if I will be able to do all these things I'd like to, Im going to do my very best. Through the CCFC and the publications of these blog posts I've been meeting some wonderfully amazing people with IBD! Like... super amazing people! People that are so giving and motivating and encouraging... their care alone makes me tear up!

Im a personal trainer, and I know what it takes to motivate others to get things done, whether its a workout or fitness regime or even some basic life coaching or nutritional guidance... but i must admit, im weak when it comes to motivating myself. Its no problem for me to work out and stay active (as long as my energy is there)... I love the gym, and thats why I wanted to become a personal trainer. But As far as finding ways to balance my life - this I find difficult. Maybe I need more of a plan and to stick to it regardless of whether or not I want to 'add' to the schedule by helping someone out, or giving my time to them... thats the thing: things come up and I always say 'yes' ... How do I learn to say 'no' without feeling incredibly guilty? maybe some amazing person out there will read this and have some insight to offer ;)


back to the goals list! Im curious to hear if anyone else does this same thing: makes a list of goals for the new year:

1. 200km Ride to Conquer Cancer: My sister and I have signed up for our 3rd year of doing the Ride to Conquer Cancer - where we Cycle from the CN Tower to Niagara Falls - a 200km bike ride - Its really awesome! We have to raise a minimum of $2500.00 and this money goes to the Princess margaret Hospital Research Foundation. I do this for my best friend and sister, Courtney (aka. Tunie :P ) who had cancer and conquered it about 5 years ago when she was 18... Holy smokes is she ever an inspiration to me! ( ) My Bio is here:

2. 125km North Face Canadian Death Race in GrandeCache, AB: My boyfriend did this last year with his other personal trainer friends from Goodlife. They did amazing! Unfortunately, I was pretty sick at this point, but i went to support him... Now that im feeling better, this is one of my dreams to do this year - this August. Its one of the most challenging run's through the mountains... pretty cool stuff. My dream is to complete the last leg (about 21km)... my boyfriend, his good friend, and myself will be running the race as a relay... and already, I've been meeting some amazing people across Canada already helping me periodize and organize my training and nutrition for this... hope all goes well :) ( )

3. Run my first half marathon... and still feel healthy after.

Does anyone have any tips to help me make these goals happen? Has anyone done anything like this and can offer insight? Has anyone checked out the IBD IDEAS program - they have organized opportunities for people with IBD and conquering the impossible - Check out their amazing site: . Also, on the FREE Crohn's DVD through the CCFC ( ) you get to hear Rob's story - He has Crohns and has/in the process of climbing the highest point on each of the 7 continents - HOLY! Talk about inspiring! But you have to watch his video clip to truly be amazed! Cheers!


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